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Why Building an Online Presence is Essential to a Successful Business


Technological progress is happening whether we embrace it or kick and scream our way into the future. It is changing how information is gathered, advancing science and healthcare, and transforming our social relationships and ability to connect to the world.


In the last few years, there has been an increase in work-from-home employment and a greater demand for the availability of products and services online. Businesses taking a digital approach to customer and client relationships are ahead of the curve by promoting their services and products to a much larger and more diverse audience.


Now more than ever, it is essential for a business to establish a dynamic online presence through user-friendly websites, online social networking, and streamlining business processes through organizational software, web-based applications, and cloud computing.


As a frequent online user, I am more apt to purchase products and inquire about services if a business is easy to find online and has a clean and simple website that provides necessary information in one or two clicks. The last thing I want to do is scroll through hundreds of posts on a Facebook page to look for answers.


Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is great for networking and marketing. It is not suitable as a replacement for a business website. Oftentimes, it turns into a rabbit hole of distractions instead of representing a reputable business.


The first step to establishing a professional presence online should be a one-stop-shop website that contains all your business information, services, and products. Clients and customers should not have to navigate to another site, social media page, or external link to find out more unless they click on an ad campaign to get to your website. All arrows should point to your website.


Social media is for marketing, networking, and building customer relationships. Your website allows clients and customers to learn about your business, make contact, and engage in commerce. These digital platforms should complement each other and work together as a cohesive marketing network.


So, you have a business plan or some loyal customers you obtained through the community and word-of-mouth. Still, you want to expand your reach, streamline your business operations, and establish yourself online. What’s next?


Technology doesn’t discriminate against our age, yet navigating the Internet and the many digital technologies claiming to make our lives easier can leave us lost at sea. Do not fret! Virtual Assistants can guide and assist you in understanding the digital world and save you time on detailed tasks.

Virtual assistants are valuable assets you can add to your business processes without hiring a full-time administrative assistant. They are online gurus who can help you with everything from file conversions, image editing, web design, content writing, professional documents, online ad campaigns, social media management, data entry, and more. They are virtual secretaries a conference call away, and each has a unique skill set to cater to your business needs. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish with the help of an experienced virtual assistant so you can focus on building customer and client relationships.



Sarah Angell is the lead Web Solutions Specialist and Virtual Assistant at Angell Web Solutions Inc., a virtual assistance company specializing in digital administration, web design, and online course design.



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