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Website Design

To prepare for your consultation, here are some questions you will want to answer to help move the web design process forward.

What is your brand identity? 

What services do you offer and how would you like to present your brand to the public?


What are your goals for growth and development within your business?

What are your goals for gaining customer loyalty and attracting new clients?


What resources do you currently have to help with the design process?

Do you have an existing site that includes key content and information? Do you have photos or video footage that you would like to integrate into your site? 


What do you need to make your site user-friendly?

Are you looking to integrate an online store, video content, social media, a booking system, or customer and employee login options? What can be added to your site that will create a dynamic customer experience? 


What additional items would you like to add to your website?

What other items would make your website stand out and offer your customers a great user experience? Event calendars? Product pages? Sale event popups? Frequent questions page? External links to user portals or other connected services and pages? Make a wish list. 

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